About Us

Hi, we’re Sarah and Leila. We’re here to help.

Sarah Dobbs is an experienced storyteller and expert in creating online buzz. As part of the digital team for ITV’s Dancing on Ice, she produced content for the official website and app, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels. She designed gifs, graphics and memes and crafted copy across all platforms, including live social stuff during the shows. Sarah has also worked on a number of high profile movie releases, as well as Big Brother and artist-led campaigns. She knows the influencer scene inside out.

Leila Johnston consults on everything from micro-sites to microphones. She was the first technology artist in residence at leading dance company Rambert, and has exhibited her digital creations at the Lowry, the Brighton Digital Festival, the British Science Festival and more. No part of the internet has escaped Leila’s grasp; she’s made websites since the 90s, blogged for clients since 2004, and been a successful podcaster since 2008. Her digital copywriting clients have included Skype, Burberry and Jaguar.