What else can Sarah & Leila do for me?

It will start with a chat. Every client will have different requirements and there are all sorts of things we can offer – from creative technology consultancy to ghostwriting. But, just for now, we’ve made this little list to kick off..

Website/digital profile audits

Give us a day or two and we’ll tell you exactly what you need, with a full written report, and a follow-up call to see how you’re getting on with the recommendations.

Copy and content management

Yes, if you like, we’ll do the work for you! We love seeing projects through and keeping up great relationships with clients. If there’s too much work for us to do it all, we have a bulging contact book and can recommend great people, too.

Online courses

Regular group classes over Zoom take you through the basics, boost your confidence and get ideas flowing.

Course materials

We’ll supply videos and worksheets to keep you going between sessions. We want everyone to benefit from this stuff, so you can buy these materials from our website even without signing up to a course.

Personal consultations

A hotline to our heads. Use these private chats however you like! We can be a sounding board for your ideas, or bring new ones to the table. We’ll support, encourage and gently guide – and we’ll always follow up to see how you’re getting on.